Accreditation Guidelines & Templates

Requirements for Sanitary Permit for birthing places
1. Official receipt of payment for Sanitary Fee
2. Inspection report of sanitary inspector
3. Monthly microbiological analysis of H20 by NRL
4. Quarterly pest control certification 929-80-38. Below 100 m2 QCHD, above 100m2 *private
  • Original and certified true copy
  • Service report to include chemical used
  • Sanitary permit of licensed pest applicator
5. Masterlist of all employees
  • Respective positions and designation
  • Signed by management
6. Original health certificates for presentation
  • Owners, managers, physicians
  • All employee
7. Photocopy of health certificates for submission
8. Occupancy permit / lease of contract
9. Photocopy of previous sanitary permit
10. EPWMD clearance (800) needs Bgy. Clearance 
11. Health care waste generators DENR-EMB
  • Health care waste generator’s ID
  • MOA generator-transporter-treater
  • Permit to transport
  • Certificate of treatment
12. Discharge permit (LLDA)
13. Certificate of interconnection (malls)
14. License to operate (official receipt for renewal) 
  • Birthing clinic/maternity clinic
15. Certificate of accreditation
16. Specimen signatures
  • OB, RN, RM