Frequently Asked Questions

Does it require for a lying-in clinic owner to be a licensed midwife or obstetrician-gynecologist?

Putting up a lying-in clinic does not require the owner to be a licensed midwife or obstetrician-gynecologist. But the midwife staff must undergo training on BEMONC (Basic Emergency Obstetric Care), Lactation Management Training & Basic Life Support Course for Health Service Providers.

What is a typical lying-in clinic facility layout?

Usually, a lying-in clinic would have six sections—waiting area, labor room, delivery room, recovery room, procedure room, and the common comfort room, requiring a floor area of at least 6 square meters (sq m) each. For a two-bed labor or recovery room, you would need around 15 sq m each. The recovery room should have its own comfort room. The entire floor area of the clinic is around 80 sq m.

What are the staffing requirements for a lying-in clinic?

A lying-in clinic should have a 24-hour resident doctor or licensed midwife. The resident doctor may be a general physician, but having an on-call OB-gynecologist and pediatrician is a must. A lying-in should forge partnerships with nearby hospitals for cases that might need additional and more specialized treatment. Some of the medical procedures that may be done only in a licensed hospital are caesarean section, curettage (raspa), and blood transfusions.
Whenever the health facility is manned by a nurse the management of the birthing home shall show proof of a valid MOA with an OB-Gynecologist or Pediatrician or a general physician trained on BEMONC.

What paperworks are needed to comply to the Quezon City Seal of Excellence?

A lying-in clinic needs to obtain the following licenses and permits: Department of Health's License to Operate (LTO); (2) Philhealth Accreditation; (3) Business Permit and (4) Sanitary Permit.

What are the necessary equipment needed in a lying-in clinic?

The basic equipment and facilities are the following: adult weighing scale, blood pressure apparatus, weighing scale for babies, bag valve mask for adults and babies, emergency medicines and paraphernalia (such as IV fluid, IV set, methergin, ampule and syntocinon), syringes, sterilizer, delivery tray, fetus doppler, stethoscope, delivery table, delivery set, suction apparatus for baby, oxygen set, vitamin K, hepatitis B, BCG injection for baby, patients’ gowns, beds, chairs, sheets, and blankets.
> Autoclave/steam sterilizer for sterilization of equipment
> Soaking/ decontamination solution

What will happen if a lying-in clinic is tagged as Yellow or Incomplete Requirements?

The Lying-In Clinic which is tagged as Yellow will not be awarded with the "Seal of Excellence" unless the owner completed the requirements needed for the present year. The said lying-in clinic can always try to comply in the following year.
They can always seek assistance for Quezon City Health Department District Midwife Supervisor.